Friday, January 7, 2011


In the past year or so, I have really began to text a lot. Hell, my last bill said I had over 3000. Whenever I text though, I sort of think about it like this: a good text is always comprised of two parts - a response to the previous, and something else that I have to add to the conversation. I mean, people who just respond "lol" or "haha thats cool" I just won't talk to. In fact, I think being great texters is a vital part of a great relationship. Boredom is the demolishing jet flying into the two towers that we are; if you can't keep conversation going with her, you're likely to pick someone more interesting. Am I right?

This is one of the things I wonder about... Do other people think like this? So the comment question of the day is this: do you have a methodology to your texting? Or do you believe that texting just isn't important?

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  1. lol I think texting is important, to an extent I remember having to text on those old phones hitting the damn keys multiple times to scroll through the letter. feels bad man

  2. When I have something important to i just like to call that person. Texting is fun too but with a limit

  3. I tend to do this. There's nothing worse than trying to keep a conversation going with somebody whose only reply is "haha"

  4. @Steven yeah, I know what you mean. like when i'm textin someone and they do that every once in awhile, i'm like "grrr fine i'll keep this conversation going cause i really like you..." but it gets to a point where i'll just start doing the same to them lol

    @Smile yeah i myself don't mind calling, but most people i know say that it's awkward lol

    and @Isaac that shit was so debt lmao, but now i have my sexy iPhone 4 ^_^

  5. I used to have an old cellphone which I only used to phone people with. I then broke this one last summer and I bought a LG one with the keyboard which was only 79.99$ so I told myself : why not give texting a try? I'm now addicted and reach the 2000 sms cap easily every single month since I started back college. It's great but I don't use it whenever I'm with somebody, unless we both want to know something from someone else. I don't want to fall into that text freak categorie but I'm sure using my phone a lot and might not be able to lose it one week.