Thursday, February 3, 2011

Poll Results #2/FreebieJeebies

Thanks to all who voted on the current poll, here's the results: [I could've sworn I had more votes at one time, so I don't know, I think something went awry with the poll mechanism a bit ago..?]
Would you pick a free iPad or MacBook Air?
1. 64GB iPad - 11 votes - 50%
2. 11" 64GB MacBook Air - 11 votes - 50%

I did this in lieu of a site I found a little while ago: freebiejeebies. Now I did a good bit of research on it, and from everything I've seen, it's completely legit. It works like this: they give away flashy products in exchange for getting people to do (usually free, if not it's ~10 to 20 bucks) offers. Anyways, I'm trying to get a free Xbox 360 Elite for–what I'm hoping won't be too hard to get–10 referrals. I swear, in no way is this a scam, I'm just trying to bring in something to the blog community that we can use to benefit one another [I mean, this has huge potential if bloggers reblog about this].

**do note that the referrer doesn't receive any credit unless 
the person s/he refers completes one of the offers**

I think there was even a 12 month Xbox Live subscription card for only 2 referrals - very easy to achieve, and something I'm sure would benefit just about every one of you. There's plenty of other prizes that you could choose as well.

So please, I would appreciate it so much if you guys could show me a little support. It would only take a little bit of your time and it would just be awesome for me. Hell, you might even get something for free yourself.


  1. I'm more of a PC guy than a Mac guy. We can still be pals, right?

  2. Sorry if it seemed like I didn't read the post. I read all of your posts in their entirety. I'm blessed in that while I was employed I purchased just about every gadget under the sun so I actually don't need any new gizmos. Unless they're giving away blenders, which I do need.

    I signed up as a freebie just to help. As for my comment, it stands. Between the macbook air and ipad, I choose Microsoft. My fiance's a mac girl, and its cool and all, just not for me.

    Hope you get the 360. I'm literally useless without mine.

  3. Mac rules but I still use a pc too. love the blog

  4. nice blog
    followed :)

  5. another pc guy here too sadly, found your site and now following!

  6. what a beer in the shower said lol

    your friend,

  7. I have always been a PC guy, although some of Apple's designs are getting faar beyond windows. Just my opinion! :)
    Always supporting,

  8. My xbox just took a huge dump so I might try to do this too

  9. I will sign up as a freebie as soon as I get on a computer! :)