Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had a question from Zach over at and about how to get a job with ChaCha. (For those of you who don't know, ChaCha is a service which you can text  questions to, and they will answer them for free. Text: 242-242)

The process is simple, really, just go over to, fill out some info, take a test (or two? Sorry, it's been awhile) and they'll send you some email, and if you do well enough on the tests, then you can become a guide. I'm just an expeditor (unfortunately, since Expeditors get paid pretty poorly; only 2 cents per question answered) but there are other positions like Generalists and Specialists, who each answer questions that require more research and get paid 10 cents per query.

Anyways, I haven't really done a lot with it lately since I've been focusing more on blogging, but it has potential to make money, especially if you're just sitting around the house and you want to spend that time learning trivia while making a little change. I will note though that I've done the math, and if you want to make 6 dollars an hour, you have to answer a question every 12 seconds; once every 8 seconds for 9 dollars (USD). So yeah, this could be really profitable if you can think quickly, but not so much if you aren't answering questions quickly (which is really bull, because 4 out of 5 times I text in, I get some bogus answer because the expeditor didn't take time to actually think about my question). *All these calculations are based off of being an Expeditor; I was not fortunate enough to make position of Generalist or Specialist*

Sorry about not being on a lot lately; I rarely have time any more... My schedule is pretty crazy. And it doesn't help that a certain imbecile who probably has sex with farm animals in his spare time and enjoys lying has been harassing me lately. But anyways, thanks for everyone's continued support!

Oh and while we're on the topic of making money, Here's my FreebieJeebies link! See this previous post if you want more information. Remember, credit for referrals aren't given unless you do one of the offers! (And it's really worth your time to do so; if you can get other people who follow your blog to do the same, then you could get some pretty sweet swag for little cost)


  1. Nice ill have to take a look into that

  2. hmmm maybe ill check out that chacha thing but the pay is almost laughable...but i guess it adds up

  3. Thanks, People can also check out Lionbridge out too for similar paid search work.

  4. Who's harassing you? I'll find them and give them the stern talking to of a lifetime (empty threat).

    Never heard of ChaCha. I've heard more about KGB, but like ChaCha, it sounds like a lot of work for little payoff. Hopefully you can get somewhere with that. To me, $6 an hour isn't worth so much work.

  5. looks good enough to give it a try

  6. Nice posting bro!!

    I wait on my blog!!!


  7. I am going to look into this, it may pay less than minimum but it's better than working at the dollar store.